Fredericksburg Tax Records

Search for Fredericksburg VA tax records. A tax record search can provide information on federal taxes, income taxes, business taxes, local taxes, sales tax, use taxes, unpaid taxes, delinquent taxes, tax liens, tax deductions, property taxes, property tax assessments, real estate appraisals, filing taxes, and tax payment plans.

The Fredericksburg Clerk Office maintains public records for a county or local government, which include vital records as well as a number of documents related to taxes in Fredericksburg VA. These tax records include property tax payments, property appraisal values, business taxes, and other local taxes. The Fredericksburg tax records at a Clerk Office list any unpaid taxes, tax liens, foreclosures, and information about property tax deductions. These records contain information on the individuals who owe or pay taxes in that area, as well as descriptions of properties, businesses, and other taxable goods. Fredericksburg Clerks may also have historical tax records as well as information on current and former property owners. These records can be important resources for potential property buyers, small business owners, and residents who pay taxes. The Clerk Office may provide online access to their tax records.

Fredericksburg Clerk Fredericksburg VA 715 Princess Anne St 22401 540-372-1010

Fredericksburg County Clerk Fredericksburg VA PO Box 7447 22404 540-372-1010

The Fredericksburg Recorder of Deeds keeps a range of real estate and property records for a county or local government to ensure the accuracy of property, land, and property tax records in Fredericksburg VA. Their Fredericksburg tax records include information on paid and unpaid real estate taxes, property tax assessments, and property appraisal records. Their records also show tax liens, foreclosures, and Fredericksburg property tax deductions, as well as historical property tax documents and prior property tax payments. The tax records held by the Fredericksburg Recorder of Deeds contain information on the previous and current owners of a property, the size and description of a property, and the history of the property's sales and prices. Recorders of Deeds may provide online access to their tax records.

Fredericksburg County Recorder of Deeds Fredericksburg VA 815 Princess Anne Street 22401 540-372-1066

The Fredericksburg Assessor Office helps calculate property taxes by determining the appraisal value of the taxable property in Fredericksburg VA. Assessors maintain a number of documents related to Fredericksburg taxes, including real estate tax assessments, property appraisals, and property tax payments. They may also provide Fredericksburg tax records on property tax liens, unpaid property taxes, and foreclosures. Many Assessor Offices keep historical property tax records, and they may also provide information on property tax deductions. The tax records at the Fredericksburg Assessor Office can include information on the current and former owners, the property's size and location, and any zone or use regulations, which can be important resources for property owners or potential buyers of a property. These tax records may be available on the Assessor Office website.

Fredericksburg County Revenue Commission Fredericksburg VA 715 Princess Anne Street 22401 540-372-1004

The Fredericksburg IRS Office is a local branch of the federal Internal Revenue Service that provides taxpayer assistance services, including providing help with basic tax law, processing individual tax identification number applications, and offering other individualized tax services in Fredericksburg VA. They can also accept tax returns and tax payments, help individuals set up a payment plan, and resolve IRS problems. Fredericksburg IRS Offices also keep tax records that show federal tax payments, income tax information, and tax deductions, but some of these records may only be available to the people named in the documents. The IRS Office may provide access to certain Fredericksburg tax records and taxpayer services on its website.

Fredericksburg Virginia IRS Office Fredericksburg VA 1320 Central Park Boulevard 22401 540-899-9450